कन्या  वरयते  रूपं  माता  वित्तं  पिता श्रुतम्  |
बान्धवाः कुलमिच्छन्ति मृष्टान्नं इतरे जनाः ||



Kanyaa varayate roopam maataa vittam pitaa shrutam |
Baandhavaah kulamicchanti mrishtaannam-itare janaah ||

Literal Meaning

At a wedding, the choice of a daughter about her prospective groom is that he should be handsome. The preference of her mother is that the groom should be wealthy, and the girl’s father’s preference is that he should be well educated and famous.  The desire of the relatives is the high social status of the groom’s family, while all other people’s sole desire would be to have good food.