PakkaPatriot is a person, a place, an animal, or a thing that is involved directly or indirectly in a patriotic and nationalistic movement, to increase the average patriotism of a common man in India, by stressing on its integrity, diversity, and localization.

How is a PakkaPatriot different from a Patriot?


1Adheres to the constitution
2Does not disturb others
3Respects religions and tries to unite them
4Tolerant about others opinions
5Respects National Anthem and National Song

Pakka Patriot

1Open to changing the constitution for the benefit of the nation
2Does not mind disturbing others for the benefit of the nation
3Believes in diversity and not a religion, the backbone of this nation
4Respects everyone’s opinion & considers the best which is in nation’s interest
5Does not miss a chance to enjoy singing them as many times as possible