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In the late 1980s, in the initial days of the advent of the television, most of the homes would have one of the following Indian TV brands, which were obviously Indian TV Companies, made in India.

3Electronics Corporation (ECTV)

All the above Indian TV brands, which were also made in India TVs, were durable television sets that happened to be premium brands. Until a decade ago, they ruled the industry and were the most sought-after made in India TVs. With the competition from companies from other countries, if we don’t support these Indian TV brands it will be far from true that our economy could recover.

So, let us have a look at both some interesting and some old Indian television brands that are good in quality and have evolved to serve us smart TVs to date. First, let us go through the older Indian television company sets that are from the golden times and as we go ahead in the article we shall list the recent ones.

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Indian Brand Categories

Recommended TV Brands

OnidaCheck out the price
MicromaxCheck out the price
DetelCheck out the price
AdsunCheck out the price


1981MumbaiGL Mirchandani

In 1981, two people got together to start this Indian TV Company. They initially started assembling their TV sets at their factory in Mumbai. Though it was initially called MIRC Electronics, the brand that it came up with, Onida, became a household name in India.

The caption, to what I remember was such a catchy one that it was used by people from all walks of life. It was so catchy that I would like to mention it here.

neighbour’s envy, owner’s pride

It has been in the market since then. Even last year there it has seen a 100% growth.


1985AurangabadVenugopal Dooth

This is the most diversified Indian TV company in India having its headquarters in Mumbai and 17 manufacturing units in the following places.

  • India
  • China
  • Poland
  • Italy
  • Mexico

Started in 1979, four decades ago, it is a made in India TV and serving products around the globe. Videocon is in the areas of consumer electronics and home appliances, has recently diversified into the areas of DTH, power, and Oil exploration.

Videocon, just like Onida, has been pioneers in assembling television sets right from their initial days of inception and has supported the evolution of TVs from black and white CRTs to Smart TVs throughout.


1980MumbaiGulshan Kumar

A famous fruit juice seller in Daryaganj started a cassette shop in 1983 and revolutionized music henceforth. He then stepped in the recording of devotional songs understanding the gap of elders not being able to read due to eye problems, which went on to become T-Series.

This moving ahead went on to enter Bollywood, releasing audio after audio to become a leading music label. In a few years, they entered the electronics market and evolved into manufacturing smart TVs.


Micromax Television Sets
2000GurugramRahul Sharma, Vikar Jain, Sumeet Arora, Rajesh Agarwal

Micromax has been in the market for quite some time, though certainly not as old as the other Indian TV brands that we have mentioned at the beginning of this article. This is quite obvious, as some of the owners of the brands were just children watching TV from the old brands.

They entered the market by manufacturing phones in 2000, and have spread their verticals to other electronic equipment helping Indians a wide range of products.

There are four variations on the television they sell. They all have good reviews on Amazon.


2016BengaluruNaveen Srinivas

Ridaex – India, is one of the most advanced television manufacturing companies in India. Acquired and bootstrapped by Naveen Srinivas in 2018 but primarily established in 2016. Ridaex aims to manufacture futuristics Smart TVs with strong standards such as,

  1. Future-proof and hardware scalable Smart TVs
  2. Failsafe architectures
  3. Latest and stabilized technologies
  4. Superior build quality
  5. Hyperlocal services
  6. Affordable and value for money

A recent Ridaex product, Arya TV came with flagship hardware and software that was promoted as the best Smart TV for online classes for kids and video conferencing systems for professionals and government offices during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Intex Television
1996DelhiNarendra Bansal

Intex is since 1996, which is a 24 years old company. They are extremely popular starting from mobiles across India and slowly became an Indian TV company too.

They have a strong presence in the following verticals, all of which belong to electronics, like:

  • Consumer Durables
  • IT
  • Mobile Accessories

It was envisioned to provide easy access to the latest technology making the devices affordable to the common man from all walks of life, age groups, and in both rural and urban establishments.


2008Uttar PradeshND Chaudhary

Nacson is mainly into the manufacturing of LED TVs and is having a vision of becoming the largest TV manufacturing Indian company. The unique thing about them is that they provide cabinets to rest the TVs on, along with the TVs. The huge factory that they have come up with has created a better atmosphere to work.

The products are not limited to TVs. They are also into the following:

  • Washing Machines
  • Air coolers
  • Air Conditioners
  • Home Theatre System
  • Juicer Mixer Grinder


2013MumbaiJagdish Rajpurohit

This Indian TV brand was started in the year 2013, with the clear intention of creating digital solutions to harness the power of the internet on large format screens, and they are doing quite well for the fact that they are pretty new.

They, as they claim are not just into manufacturing the hardware, but also provide content market, content discovery, and curation. In addition to the hardware, their content creation is very much a part of India.


2007GurugramYogesh Bhatia

A New Delhi-based company that was established in the year 2005, is a brand owned by a Pvt. Ltd. company by name, SG Corporate Mobility Pvt. Ltd. It claims to have service centers across India like any other old brand. They are also manufacturers of mobile that boast of the cheapest cellphones in India.

They have a wide variety of electronics products, that look being designed very tastefully.


1972NoidaSumit Maini

Having their head office in Uttar Pradesh, Wetson has been there in the industry since 1982. Yes, this was started at the time of black and white CRT (Cathode Ray Tubes). They claimed to be making made in India TV and have ruled the industry from 1980 to 2000.

Their evolution has seen tremendous changes like many transitions, such as

  • black and white to color
  • CRT to flat
  • VGA to HDMI
  • Smart TV to Android TV Company


1989New DelhiSurendra Dalmia

A company as old as 1989 has become a household name. With all the quality checks that they boast of, they have become a highly qualified company when it comes to quality checks.

Their products range from the following:

  • Washing Machine
  • Refrigerator
  • Air Conditioner
  • Microwave Oven

and even Laptops.

The television sets that they manufacture have relatively good reviews.


2018DelhiSonipath Adsun

Adusn is an electronics company that has a decade of experience in the mobile accessory industry. The company based out of the capital city of India has a huge area of about 2,25,000 sq. mts. Giving the opportunity to a large no. of employees, it also has a great review base on Amazon where they sell their smart TVs and are an Indian TV company too.

The TVs are really budgeted and go below our expectations and are certainly worth every penny to purchase this. You can go ahead and purchase if you want to save bucks from this link. They also have a variety of products in this category.



Being a pretty new company that joined the production of electronics goods, is doing good in terms of quality and built. Its young and vibrant age makes it start afresh adding a lot of time to prove themselves in this age of technology.

BPL Electronics

1963KeralaTPG Nambiar

The name British Physical Laboratories, though it sounds like it is not from India, this company was started in India and is still an Indian company. It was started in Palakkad, Kerala by a UK and US returned person called TPG Nambiar. BPL started off with manufacturing hermetically sealed precision panel meters for the defense forces.

It was at the beginning of the 80s that BPL started manufacturing televisions and telecommunications equipment, visualizing the requirement for good quality television.

Lloyd TV

1963KeralaTPG Nambiar

Lloyd is a brand from the same team as that of Havells, which is well known in India. Lloyd is one of the prestigious brands that Havells owns. Lloyd adheres to its impeccable quality standards along with

  • Unmatched product
  • service and
  • warranty

These are the three most important standards that Havells adheres to. As a result over 3 million customers have experienced Lloyd’s confidence. Though Havells is a relatively old company Lloyd was started very recently.


1956PunjabS. Joginder Singh Oberoi

Texla is a very old company, more than 50 years old. It was started in the year 1956 to lay focus on providing quality and affordability on electronic products enabling consumers to get entertained via television and other consumer electronics. Texla has been credited for bringing entertainment to virtually every household of the country.

Now Texla has a wide range of consumer electronic products like:

  • Washing Machines
  • Coolers
  • Television
OnidaCheck out the price
MicromaxCheck out the price
DetelCheck out the price
AdsunCheck out the price