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What was formerly called Hindustan Machine Tools, is now a company that has exclusive watches from its brand. A company started in 1961 is a public sector undertaking by Govt. of India. 

It initially had a tie-up with a Japanese company with which it used to manufacture High Quality, Precision Metallic components for accurate timekeeping and trouble-free performance that lasts a lifetime, yes, literally a lifetime and generations together.

They come in a wide range and attractive designs at an affordable price. You can choose the watches from the following series:

  1. Elegance
  2. Utsav
  3. Sangam
  4. HQ
  5. Shreyas
  6. Swarna
  7. Sona
  8. INOX
  10. PACE
  11. Economic 


Being a part of Tata Group, Titan Company Limited (which was earlier known as Titan Industries Limited), has been a consumer goods company that has its headquarters in Electronics City, Bengaluru. 

They are into varied verticals like:

  1. Watches
  2. Jewelry
  3. Eyewear

Starting in 1984 Titan diversified into Jewellery with Tanishq following its diversification further into eyewear with Titan Eyeplus. In 2013, Titan entered the fragrances segment by the brand name Skinn. It ventured further into the helmets vertical under its brand Fastrack, which we will be covering in the next section. 

Under its brand name, Fastrack and Sonata, they announced their new launch, a series of affordable smartwatches in 2016.


As mentioned in the previous section, the Titan brand, Fastrack is an Indian fashion accessory, which was launched in 1998 as a sub-brand of the old brand Titan Watches. It soon came out to become an independent brand in 2005 only to target the urban youth of the nation in the growing fashion industry in India.

After it became independent, Fastrack started opening a series of stores in different places in the country. The first one was launched in 2009.


Another brand of Titan, this brand offers style and contemporary designs mixed with the right amount of grace. Sonata watches come with bold and beautiful designs that capture the aspirations and imaginations of those who are young at heart. 

Sonata has a collection of over 600 designs and innumerable ranges. This has helped them celebrate the self-belief that they carry with love in the most beautiful way possible. It is one of the largest selling and most favorite watch brands in India.

Jaipur Watch Company

The difference between the normal and the extraordinary leader comes with the belief of creating something exceptional, in addition to a master’s degree in Risk Management from the UK. This further led to the establishment of Jaipur Watch Company, harboring the passion, turning it into an establishment.

The brand aims at redefining horology with exceptional concepts revisiting an era to create mesmerizing pieces of art. Jaipur Watch Company handcrafts a limited-edition selection of timeless pieces that exude tradition with a subtle hint of contemporary design. 


Manufactured and catered exclusively for women with feminine qualities, for a woman who believes in her femininity and makes it her power. The striking design and language of this brand speak to the young and vibrant women of today through its unique aesthetic story.

Being feminine in nature, these watches have to cater to the needs of the modern woman, are made for different occasions, and are a great amalgam of functionality and beauty. 

Titan Raga reflects the modern woman’s views that are progressive in nature, like:

  • Elegant
  • Fun
  • Chic 
  • Quirky
  • Exquisite
  • Bold
  • Eye-catching

Aiqon Watches

Starting from legibility, which is the most important aspect of a clear view, there is an added identity, the face, the soul of the watch. In addition to that stylistic innovation with technical brilliance, their Dials are the raison d’etre of their brand. 

Their dials fuse together forming a theme, an idea that reflects one’s personality, or passion, or philosophy. With all these aesthetics, it also tells the time consistently.

While the themes that we spoke about just in the previous paragraph can be subtly imbibed or sometimes brought to live boldly and expressively. They have genuine fusion dials that are curated and exclusive objects of art.

These mentioned aspects of this brand will sustain them for the rest of the century as they also move beyond function and emotion combining high technology.


To start with, these watches are designed to be:

  • Unconventional
  • Innovative
  • Unafraid to break rules
  • Imbibed with a sense of purpose

This brand is again brought to us by Titan. This exclusive brand brings home the Swiss-made watches whose tagline goes as follows: Different by design representing the range of products that are aesthetically and ergonomically designed.

Their collection in addition to 100 distinctive models comes in three categories:

  1. Contemporary
  2. Classic
  3. Sport

Jean Fendi

Some leaders might be respected accidentally, but there are these others who did not become leaders by chance. They gained respect by constantly delivering excellence in the industry. 

The outcome of such a leader is one of the main motives for bringing high-quality products and services to this brand. Jean Fendi has forged 35+ years of experience in delivering this excellence. 

It was decades of passion and commitment to make a world-class product. These attributes in addition to the decades of passion and commitment were responsible to manufacture affordable and best-in-class watches for their customers.

As a result, today Jean Fendi thrives with 183 outlets across multiple cities across the country. Millions of customers are a proof point for their success.


Expertise in horology combined with passion together with teamwork comes out the brand name Horpa. It was just a thought that brought together the friends, professionals, and the best resources in this field that is horology. The path on which they traveled together led to the discovery and creation of HORPA.

This watch brand is an acclaimed independent watchmaker from the country. The brand is identified, recognized, and celebrated for its design and craftsmanship in the world of horology. They are proud to have been founded as an Indian company and be the best in the industry.

The idea of their brand is to bring together timepieces that exude a quiet measure of time while complementing the philosophy of excellence and passion.

Bangalore Watch Company

This brand is a brand that stands for change and is popular for the following:

  • Space exploration
  • Renewable energy
  • Advanced computing
  • Women flying fighter planes

With these unique aspirations, this brand creates watches that they claim tell stories inspired by the 21st-century view of India along with a dose of mid-century nostalgia. They create this on par with world standards. This is designed and assembled in Bengaluru, the silicon city of India. 


Being available in every part of the country with the support of over 80 distributors and 6000 loyal retailers, this brand has also come up with its own e-commerce platforms including its website. 

This massive collection comes as a result of a vision to serve a vast majority of consumers through products that are:

  1. Accurate
  2. Reliable
  3. Guaranteed for quality
  4. Backed by after-sales service 
  5. A trusted brand assurance

In addition to all this, the brand has seen massive acceptability in the mind of consumers due to the following reasons:

  1. Sleek Designs
  2. High Product Standards
  3. Affordable Pricing


One more brand that belongs to Titan, this is not just a timepiece, it is a style statement made for speed, belonging to the sports category.

They come with the following offerings:

  • The CHRONOGRAPH measures split-second decisions. 
  • Watch’s PRECISION TIMING allows you to split time with greater accuracy — the feature lets you measure up to 1/10th of a second!
  • It’s WATER RESISTANT and designed for a splash. The feature varies and the watches are water-resistant to up to 100 meters underwater.
  • The MULTI-LAYERED DIAL makes Octane high on stylized detailing.
  • The in-built TACHYMETER lets you keep track of your speed.
  • LUMINOUS HANDS let you keep a track of time, however dark the circumstances.
  • SEAMLESS STRAPS are crafted for the Octane to take the shape of your wrist without ungainly contours.


This brand of Titan is an exclusive collection of 18k solid gold jewelry watches. It is India’s first solid gold watch brand making it a premier brand. There are over 100 models for both men and women crafted in 18k and 22k gold.

These elegant watches are a blend of our rich heritage that comes with fine craftsmanship.

The collection comprises of a variety of watches in:

  • Plain
  • Embellished with pearls and diamonds


During their inception in Mumbai, they were a menswear fashion brand for contemporary clothing. Over a period of time, they have entered and expanded their collection to women’s fashion apparel.

Besides being the apparel sponsors of the Indian Cricket League, they were also kit sponsors for Rajasthan Royals in 2015. 

As of 2014, they had expanded their products to the following:

  • Lower Garment
  • Upper Garment
  • Shoes
  • Accessories


Falling in the category of the range of cool and vibrant watches that stand for fun and youthfulness, it is also catered to a child making its manufacture designed to cater to a child’s desire. These trendy yet stylish products go in line with the brand’s unique positioning of “Be Cool”. 

Along with addressing a child’s desire to own the watch, it also fulfills the requirements of the gifting segment.

These watches are an outcome of the stringent quality tests that they undergo to make sure that they don’t harm the sensitive skin of the children. For this reason, they give a lot of attention to the straps, making them:

  • Non-abrasive
  • Supple
  • Long-lasting polyurethane
  • Certified non-carcinogenic colors
  • Stainless steel
  • Corrosion resistance

These watches become a companion to your child on a day of his young life.


What started in 2010 has come a long way that has resulted in its success story. This brand has been involved in showcasing all that is a part of the company with perfections. They include:

  • Exclusive Creation
  • Product Launch
  • Apparel Brand Show
  • Glamorous Fashion Entertainments

This brand is owned by Greenhoper Fashion Company. They are impacting the market with world-class production quality.


Going with the name of the company, Chumbak, a Magnet, they have acted just as one attracting a range of customers with the idea of designing fun souvenirs and collectibles.

It started with the founder couple’s love for travel. They used to collect souvenirs while they traveled. Now they have their products spread across:

  • Home décor
  • Fashion
  • Accessories and personal care

With the clear intention of brightening up our living and working places.

These designs are inspired from across different cultures and art forms around the world, blended with fun, colorful and modern aesthetics.

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