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1971MumbaiAjay Piramal

It is one of the world’s second-largest and Asia’s largest luggage manufacturers. We should be proud that this brand belongs to India. This company has more than 8000 retail outlets across the country. IT also has a network of retailers in 50 odd countries across the globe.

Out of a few companies that had acquired companies that are outside India, this is one among them. It has acquired a company based out of the United Kingdom.

Started in 1971, it is not too old a company like the other giants. Right from its inception, it has seen recording sales of 100 million pieces of luggage world wide. Before it became VIP, it was called by the name Aristo Plast VIP Industries BD Manufacturing Private Ltd.


1985KolkataMr. P R Agarwala, Mr. G P Agarwala, Mr. K B Agarwala

Unlike the previous brand, Rupa was started as an innerwear brand soon to become one of the largest knitwear brands in India that produce the following products:

  • Innerwear
  • Casual Wear
  • Thermal Wear
  • Sleep Wear for Men, Women and Kids

Their flagship brand is Frontline. However, there are many other brands, like:

  • Softline
  • Euro
  • Bumchums
  • Torrido
  • Thermocot
  • Macroman
  • Foorline
  • Jon

Three people came together to form the company Rupa only to make sure that the company emerges as a key player in the Indian Innerwear segment known for its comfort and competitive pricing. They were:

  • Mr. P R Agarwala
  • Mr. G P Agarwala
  • Mr. K B Agarwala


1955ChennaiBhanu Raghunathan, Raghunathan Thiruvallur Thattai

As soon as we hear the name Tantex, we might assume that this is a company not from India. But to be precise, it is expanded as Tanjavur Textiles which is a district, a part of Tamil Nadu.

They are a well-established company specializing in not just manufacturing, but also exporting of high fashion Innerwear for men, ladies, and kids. They are key players since 1955 from Tiruppur, the second capital of cotton clothing.

Tantex manufactures and is one of the leading manufacturers of:

  • Vests
  • Briefs

There are two directors operating the company. They are the following:

  • Bhanu Raghunathan
  • Raghunathan Thiruvallur Thattai


1971ChennaiK. Venkatapathy, V. Shriprakash, V. Vijaysekar, S. Prakash

This is considered one of India’s foremost manufacturers of Knitwear for all age groups. This is due to the fact that they were started in the early 1970s. Having an experience of over 40 years, they have a cutting edge production setup.

They have a unique product range that is designed to cater to every other segment. The following table talks about it in a better way.

ClassicTraditional Innerwear
RockModer Youth
LeisureRelaxation-oriented wear
ThermalWarm wear

Apart from this, they have a few other brands that have a range of wears for categories based on age and gender like in the following table:

Body TalkWomen
Pretty GirlGirls

The aspirations of the youth of the nation are fulfilled by this brand as far as possible with the varied range of sub-brands.


1946GujaratVerghese Kurian & Tribhivandas Patel

This is the second and one of the most famous Indian chocolate brands of India especially with respect to milk. Yes, we are talking about the one and only Amul. This is run as a cooperative society that holds every person who is involved as a stakeholder, making everyone owner.

This type of society was a vision of Dr. Kurien who was responsible for this mission. His discussion with the then action-oriented prime minister whom we lost at a very young age was none other than Sri Lal Bahadur Shashtri. The discussion of them both gave birth to a cooperative society.

This later went on to become one of the most famous brands in India, in the FMCG sector. The chocolates of AMUL can certainly be compared to Cadbury. There are many versions of this and they are all “Utterly Butterly Delicious”.

Dollar Big Boss

1972KolkataDindayal Gupta

It all started off by the initiation of its proprietary firm in the year 1972-73, by the name Bhawani Textiles. It was started by Dindayal Gupta. Bhawani textiles was called so till the beginning of a new millennium, which is when it changed its name and rebranded to Dollar Industries Ltd. in 2008.

Even before that it has been keen on social responsibility for which it started a foundation and named it Dollar Foundation. The company has also received National Award for Best Brand and Excellence in Men’s Inner-wear Category from the Clothing Manufacturers Association of India.

In 2015, it carved out a prominent 15% market share of the branded hosiery segment. After that, it has an array of appreciations and awards for the years ahead.


1969TirupurVishwa Nath Chaudhary, Tatneshwar Chaudhary

By starting its business operations in 1969 it soon became a recognized manufacturer, trader, and supplier of the garment industry. To cater to its client requirements, the company came up with different sub-brands for different segments. Like:

  • Shera Gold Briefs
  • Shera Gold Vest
  • Slips, Socks
  • Wintozz Kidz
  • Woolycots
  • Woolycots Wintozz

They offer these in varied colors, sizes, and fabrics. Their inner wears have got high appreciation from across the country. This is due to the following aspects of their product.

  • Excellent Quality
  • Perfect Fitting
  • Comfort
  • Color fastness
  • Soft Fabric

Two people by name Vishwa Nath Chaudhary and Tatneshwar Chaudhary started the company back in 1969. It two less than two decades for it to become a partnership firm with its own production unit. The partnership firm got converted to a Pvt. Ltd. company in 2010.

Now, Company has its own range of Hosiery & Inner-wear products under the brand name of `SHERA’ which is a very popular and known name all over India, especially in the states of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Madhya Pradesh.


1982TirupurPrem Prakash Sikka

With a vision of creating a strong brand that caters to all segments in the hosiery market, Prem Prakash Sikka founded the brand Dixcy in 1982. He created products that were both innovative and were economically competitive.

It was started as an inner-wear brand and over a period of time has evolved into a lifestyle brand. This came into being over the last 32 years.

What started as a modest and humble beginning in the small town of Tirupur, Tamil Nadu has come a long way into providing quality and affordable inner-wear over the past three decades. This time was enough for Dixcy to become one of the leading clothing manufacturing companies in India, steadily increasing its footprints across the world.

What we have to watch out about this company is the buyout of Dixcy in 2017 by a company from Boston by name Advent International.

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