वने  रणे  शत्रुजलाग्निमध्ये  महार्णवे  पर्वतमस्तके  वा  |
सुप्तं प्रमत्ते विषमस्थितं वा रक्षन्ति पुण्यानि पुराकृतानि ||



Vane rane shatru-jala-agni-madhye
maha-arnave parvata-mastake vaa |
Suptam pramattam vishamasthitam vaa
rakshanti punyaani puraakrutaani ||

Literal Meaning

Be it a forest, a battlefield, in the middle of fire or mighty ocean, on the top of a mountain, be it in the state of sleep, intoxicated or adverse / difficult situation, the previously done (including the previous lives) ‘Punyas’ (Dharma / Righteousness) will protect.

In other words: If a person has practised dharma (righteousness) in the past, (including his previous birth), he earns ‘Punyas’, which protects him from various dangers and difficult situations such as in dense forests, in a battle field, from enemies, water, fire, while crossing mighty oceans, and climbing huge mountain peaks, while asleep or in any other condition.