27 Best selling most popular Indian Products in the USA

We all know India is a land of science, different cultural heritage, spirituality, love, and peace. Indian consumers are likely to hook up with western products rather than going our desi one. 

We have surrounded many products in the market but couldn’t realize the value of made-in-India products that are actually thriving in other countries and getting famous internationally. 

Many Indian manufacturers are likely to export their products to other countries due to the high demand rate, and best quality.

Nowadays there is hype started on made in India legacy, after when India banned all China products. Indians have adopted the western culture in terms of technology, industry, goods, and many more. 

As Pakka patriots, we feel so proud right? Then what are the Indian products that are in high demand in the USA? 

Ok, hold on, if you are looking for this question, then you are in the right place! We have collected some of the information for you. Keep reading this blog.

List of made-in-India products that are popular in the USA?

We all existed to bring new international branded products to our homes. We think that is our pride. But you know what, some quiet Indian products are gaining popularity in the USA.

There are more than millions of Indian products that are exported to the USA and other countries as well. Below we have mentioned some of the lists for your reference.

1. Jewelry

You might wonder, people in the USA are likely to follow our cultures. Because of this reason, our Indian e-commerce platforms sounding in global. 

Especially our Indian jewelry items have gained huge spike on the international market. The antique piece, gems stones, threaded jewelry, silver Jumka – necklace has gained popularity in Indo western style.

  1. Raj jewels: 

Raj Jewelry is one of the best Indian jewelry resides in the USA. They are popular in making customized 24 karat gold jewelry according to requirements. Also, they are known for making top-notch bridal jewelry design with the best quality and price. 

They have provided a variety of different collections of jewelry on their website. If Indians reside in the USA, they can visit their store in New Jersey as well. 

2. Amrita Singh:

This is one of the famous jewelry brands worn by Hollywood celebrities. This Indian-based jewelry resides in New York City, which makes the most authentic design. They have their website, where you can shop.

3. Regal Jewelry:

A family who owned this aesthetic Indian jewelry since 1970. They have very good collections like Kundan, temple jewelry, diamonds, and many more. For decades they have gained trust from Americans.

4. A Bombay jewelry company:

An Indian family who owned their jewelry shop in the USA for 35 years. They have their website, where people in America can shop easily. They reside in San Francisco, and they have highly experienced designers who can design handcrafted jewelry in the USA.

5. Malani Jewelry:

This is one of the leading Indian jewelry manufacturers in the USA. Their legacy is not only popular in the USA, but also, they extended their shop to Malaysia, Dubai, Singapore, Belgium, and more. They have so many outlets in the USA itself.

6. Virani Jewelers:

Virani is a famous Indian jewelry shop, owns so many retail stores in the USA. They founded in 1987, by Iqbal Virani, he is the one who introduced 24-carat gold in America. They are caring Indian cultural legacy with the different various jewelry designs and gained customers’ trust for decades.

7. Andaaz Jewelry:

Andaaz was founded in 2000 in Chicago, USA. They have worldwide shipments and customers who are truly satisfied with the services, price, and quality of this Indian jewelry. They own numerous collections like bracelets, chains, diamonds, rings, etc. Even they also customize according to people’s choice.

8. Govindji’s:

This jewelry shop was started in 1980, by BarbuAyurvedai. While he was on travel in the USA, he learned the artistic method of jewelry making. As a result, he started his own business in the USA. The experts in aesthetic jewelry design in necklaces, earrings, rings, and many more.

Indians who resided in America or any other country demand this jewelry on festival occasions. So, the seller is exporting all these items due to high demand.

2. Clothing

Many people don’t know, some of the famous brands like Van Heusen, Allen Solly, Peter England, Monte Carlo, Luis Philip are Indian clothing brands.

9. Van Heusen:

It is one of the most innovative Indian clothing brands, manufactured by Aditya Birla company and established in 1881. They are very popular for party wear, ceremony wear, ethnic wear, etc.

10. Allen Solly:

It is one of the famous men and women in Indian clothing brands, founded in 1993. They have an extraordinary men’s collection of t-shirts, trousers, pants, jeans, etc. When comes to women, they do have skirts, midis, dresses, etc.

11. Peter England:

One of the known Indian clothing brands, founded in 1889 and gained trust because of quality, material, etc. 

12. Luis Philip:

Luis Philip is one of the versatile clothing brand creators since 2007. Their clothing influences identity, dignity, which is perfectly suitable for men.

13. Monte Carlo:

It is Indian based clothing company, own outlets shops in different countries as well. They do woolen and cotton grommets for men, women, and kids.

All these clothes have huge demand not only in the USA but other countries like Canada, Dubai. They are billion dollars clothing brands that are exporting abroad in a large amount every year.

3. Ayurvedic food items

Some of the homeopathy medicine has a huge race in the international medical field. It has proven that some herbs in the Himalayas have the power to cure obesity, diabetes, and sugar as well. Even Lemon, Coconut, Mangoes, Apples, Ginger, Elaichi, Turmeric, are the main ingredients that are essential for daily needs. So, it is also shipping in large quantities.

14. Forest Essentials:

When comes to luxurious ayurvedic products, Forest essential is an Indian brand that stands on the top list. They are very popular in manufacturing ayurvedic beauty items such as Ubtan face masks, hair care products, makeup, etc. They do 100% free shipping worldwide. They are representing Indian Ayurveda and its usage to the world.

15. Kama Ayurveda:

After forest essential, another Indian brand that comes to our mind is Kaama Ayurveda. Indians are obsessed with beauty care products, and this brand manufactures products in ayurvedic items which are completely cruelty-free. They have bestselling items and they do the worldwide shipment.

16. Ohriya Ayurveda:

This Indian brand makes beauty products formulated by ancient ayurvedic. Their product is well-curated with ancient products including Tounge cleaner, eyecups for eye cleaning, nose mist, face massage wand, head massage wand, etc.

17. Bipha Ayurveda:

Bipha Ayurveda has established by Bipha drug laboratories, and as a result of his efforts in Ochira, a small village in South Kerala. They make unique ayurvedic formulations in many beauty products such as skincare, hair care, and fragrance. All of them are handmade.

4. Iron and steel

Several decades ago, we are importing Iron and Steel from other countries. But now things got changed, India stands in the top list on the highest manufacturer of Iron and steel and holds huge production house and plays a major role in exporting these items to abroad for construction work.

18. Tata Steel:

It is an Indian multinational steel company owned by Tata Group. They are very popular in making huge units of steel and importing all over the globe. 

19. JSW steel:

It is also one of the integrated leading steel companies in India. It has acquired many global networks for supplying steel.

20. Steel Authority of Indian Limited (SAIL):

SAIL is one of the largest steel producers in India. It is owned by the government of India. The company is an integrated bot of iron and steel making. 

5. Cereals

India is a huge production of rice, wheat, ragi, etc. People don’t forget to use it for their daily needs. These are some of the basic cereals that every household need. It has become a huge exporter of these cereals internationally.

21. Pride of India:

Pride of India is known for making herbal and preserved food. This company is making an impact in growing such organic products and supplying them all over the globe.

22. ITC Ashirwad:

We all know the Ashirvad brand is popular for atta flour, salt, spice items. Not only Indians are cravings fortis brand, but also people who reside in the US need their kitchen

23. 24 Mantra:

It is a famous brand of Indian kitchen items like jaggery, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, rice, wheat, sugar, and much more. Every household needs all of these items in their kitchen.

24. Go desi:

Go desi is making an impact by supplying Indian regional food all over the world. They have Tangy Imli POPz, Sour kaccha Aam POPz, Khatta Nimbu POPz, and many more. People who didn’t even taste our desi food items must visit their website and can order Manpasand foods.

6. Handicrafts items

In the USA, people love to gift handmade items on special occasions. Our desi items hold huge scope on handcrafted items.

25. Itokri:

People who crave handcrafted items can visit the Itkori website. They have largely manufactured the best handmade items in clothes, home decor design from different parts of the country. Every accessory jewelry is well-curated and completely handcrafted. They provide international shipment directly from their online store.

26. Aara accessories:

Aara is an Indian accessory and jewelry hub. They source products from different countries. They are well-curated in making necklaces, vegan handbags, bohemian earrings, silhouettes. Their assortment of products is completely vegan and eco-friendly. They used to travel the world and bring those unique styles to the people. 

27. Seamstress:

Seamstress is a garment-making company that is completely handmade woven fabric. They represent Indian regional style to the world. They have varieties of garments items like blows, men’s shirts, crop tops, sarees, lungies, kaftans, Kurtis, and many more. They will do the worldwide shipment. For more details, you can visit their online store once.

Most Indian goods have large scope in the USA but not all items meet their level. The competition is more in the USA when compared to India. Also, they expect not bulk order but still, our made in India products holds good response.

We hope, this article provides information regarding the above topic. Good Luck!

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