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The Story of Sage Dadhichi’s Ultimate Sacrifice to Indra


Dadhichi, after acquiring spiritual knowledge, led a pious life. When prayed for by Indra and other gods, Dadhichi readily sacrificed his life as well as the body, in order that the gods might win in their war against demons.

“We are in difficulty. We need your backbone if we are to survive. You must make up your mind for this kind of a sacrifice.”

“Alright. Man has to die one day or the other, hasn’t he? It is better to die in order to benefit others. I shall give up this body in a few minutes.

You may take my backbone.” How queer this piece of conversation looks!

Does it not? The one who asked for the backbone was Devendra, the king of Heaven. The one who readily said ‘Yes’ was Dadhichi. We come across this interesting episode in one of our mythological epics.

In many of our mythological stories, we have heard about men praying to gods, “0, kindly help us. Who else will protect us except you?” But in this story, it is gods who pray to Dadhichi, a man. “0, kindly help us. Who else will come to our rescue if not you?” And this great man saves gods. It a very interesting tale.

For You Only This Knowledge

Long ago there was a Maharshi called Atharvana. He had great spiritual wisdom. He had an Ashram where many pupils were studying. While teaching them the Vedas, the Upanishads, etc… he was also training them in the ways of realizing Brahman. In managing the Ashram, in looking after the pupils and in attending to the guests he was assisted by his wife Shanti.

In the course of time three children, namely Dhritavrata, Dadhichi, and Atharvasira were born to this couple. When the children grew up and came of age, Atharvana performed their Upanayana (initiation into Brahmanhood) and sent them to a Gurukula.

Boys were not sent to schools in those days. Nor were there schools at all as in modern times. Boys after Upanayana were sent to live in the house of a Guru. There they were provided with lodging as well as lessons. The life at Gurukula would start like this. The pupils would go round begging, and whatever they got was brought home to be placed at the disposal of the Guru.

They would eat contentedly what the Guru gave them. The Guru would impart all knowledge only to those who pleased him with their modesty and service. The pupils, by way of service to him, would roam about in the forest to collect fruits and sacred firewood, and they would also wash his clothes and do such other odd jobs. While doing all this they would learn about nature also. They would learn many things by listening to the Master while he taught other students.

These boys grew up much more cheerfully in the midst of nature than they would have in the shade of, their parental affection. They would become sharp enough to grasp fully what the Guru taught, even if it was taught only once.

Dadhichi also led this kind of, life in a Gurukula. He earned the love of his Guru by his service and devotion. He learned many subjects.

Afterward, he did rigorous penance addressed to Indra. Who was pleased to appear before him.

Indra asked him what he wanted.

Dadhichi, who was then a youth, made this request: “I want to know about Brahman.” Indra taught him with pleasures all the secrets of this Supreme Knowledge in detail. But then Indra was always jealous. He could never tolerate anyone becoming as great as him. He would put many obstacles and hindrances on the path of progress of those aspirants who did rigorous penance in order to attain the highest positions. He would hold out many threats to them. Sometimes he would try to distract their minds by sending the apsaras (divine nymphs) like Rambha, Menaka, Urvashi and such other temptresses who were celebrated beauties of Heaven. He would thus spoil their efforts.

Therefore Indra, after teaching the secret of Brahma Jnana warned Dadhichi: “Mind you, keep this constantly in your mind: You should not teach this secret to anybody. If you ever do so your head will be cut off! Beware!” Dadhichi felt very sorry, as his knowledge would not be useful to others. But how could he disobey the orders of Indra who as his Guru had given him the secret knowledge? He just consoled himself that he still had many other subjects to teach without any restriction.

Now Dadhichi, being proficient in all the subjects, chose for his settlement in a fine place on the banks of the river Saraswati. It was away from the traffic of people and he could carry on his penance without any disturbance. The river Saraswati was very near, it was convenient to get water for cooking (if you are interested in food culture in ancient India, please go through this article), bathing, and washing of clothes.

The sky-scraping large trees of the hermitage were heavily laden with fruits and flowers.

A number of singing birds like Koil had made their homes in those trees. It was a very beautiful hermitage. To be there was itself a matter of joy.

Dadhichi had married a maiden called Praatitheyi and led a righteous life. Many pupils were coming to learn at his feet. Day by day his reputation began to spread wider and wider.

May Indra’s Word Be Honored, Also Let Us Get Knowledge

Once two persons looking alike, having the same face and features came to Dadhichi. The sage received them warmly and asked them what he could do for them.

“Revered Sir,” they said, “we have been very much wanting to learn from you the knowledge of Brahman. We have come to a very long distance for this very purpose.”

Dadhichi was in a predicament. He could not fulfill their wish. He has the knowledge of Brahman but in accordance with Indra’s injunction, he should not impart it to anybody. This to him did not seem to be right, for he was by nature always helpful and obliging to others.

But to overlook or defy that warning of Indra, his Guru was completely out of question.

Dadhichi, then hesitantly asked, “How did you come to know that I can teach the knowledge of Brahman?”

“0, revered sir, it is only after coming to know how you won the grace of Mahendra with your prayers and obtained the knowledge of Brahman from him, that we have come to you,” said they.

Dadhichi had no alternative but to say, “What you say is true, but you know that I have to keep this knowledge a secret. My master does not like my imparting it to anyone. If I try to do so in contravention to his instruction, my head will be cut off. That is his warning. Therefore please excuse me. You may seek this knowledge from some other person.”

As they had come determined to have their way they were not prepared to heed to his words and return. They told the sage with a smile, “Sir, we understand your predicament. But we have no mind to return without fulfilling our desire.

We have come with the sole purpose of receiving the knowledge from you. Please don’t send us away under the pretext of your master’s warning.

Perhaps the Guru meant by his caution that this sacred knowledge should not be given to anyone who lacks faith and devotion. You may test us for some time, and only after you are satisfied you may accept us as your pupils,” they implored.

Though Dadhichi’s heart was softened, he could not help fearing that it might amount to betraying his Guru. So he told them plainly: “Do you doubt Devendra’s words? The moment I try ‘to violate his order, my head will fall off; it would not be of any use to you either. Please don’t put me in a fix.”

Those strangers feeling neither despair nor fear said firmly: “Is that so? All right, let us see.

You may kindly agree to teach us. If your head were to fall off, we will with our power fix it again to your body and make you live again.” Dadhichi was greatly surprised. He said, “in that case, you are not mortal beings, I suppose.

Please let me know first who you are.” Being so requested, they revealed their identity. They were gods of heaven! “We are the twin gods, Ashwini-Kumaras, the physicians of heaven. We will take care that you will not suffer any harm.

Please teach us knowledge of Brahman.” Without a second thought, Dadhichi agreed to teach them. The Ashwini-kumaras first replaced his head with the head of a horse and with their supernatural power enabled him to speak. The sage gladly taught them all the knowledge of Brahman he had learned.

Mahendra came to know about this with his divine sight and in anger chopped off the horse-head of Dadhichi with his sword. Immediately the twin gods, with their wonderful power, fixed up the original head which they had safely preserved to the trunk of Dadhichi and breathed life into him.

Indra’s threat was not ineffective. The knowledge that Dadhichi had acquired continued usefully. The gods, Ashwinikumaras, had their wish gratified!

When this news spread among all the sages, Dadhichi rose high in their esteem. His fame extended even to the world of gods! Everybody thoroughly understood his nature that he would not mind facing any hazard if it was for the good of the world.

Will You Please Give Back Our Weapons?

There used to be wars between gods and demons from time to time for wealth and power as shown in the below picture that is sculpted at Angkorvat temple in Cambodia.

Battle of Devas and Asuras

Harassed and tortured by the cruel demons, the gods used to suffer untold miseries and finally would supplicate Mahavishnu who would take pity on them and redress their suffering.

At one time, soon after a war, the haggard-looking gods came to the sage Dadhichi and said, “0 great sage, we would like to keep all our arms and weapons in your custody. Please take them. Leaving them with you we can be free from all botheration. If once again war should break out, we will come to you ourselves to take them back. Till such time let them be with you.” Dadhichi agreed to this arrangement. Thus the gods kept all their weapons with him and departed.

Many years passed by. But the gods never turned up to take back their weapons. Those weapons, having not been used for a long time, began to rust. The sage was worried. At long last, in order to preserve them safely, Dadhichi using his spiritual power dissolved them in water and drank it! They were completely absorbed in his body.

Many more years rolled by. One day the gods came to Dadhichi and requested, “0 great sage, we are obliged to fight again. Please give us back our weapons.”

Dadhichi said, “How very wise of you! After how many years are you asking for your weapons back? How long could I keep them safe?” Devendra: “0 Maharshi, we had no fear of war so far, therefore we did not need them. Now it is likely. We shall need them. Please pardon us for this delay in coming to you and give back our weapons.”

Dadhichi: “How can I give back your weapons now? I could not see them rusting. Lest they should be completely damaged, I, with the power of a Mantra, dissolved them in water and drank it all. Please tell me, what shall I do now?” Devendra: “it is not for us to suggest what you should do now. All that we can say is that we are badly in need of those arms now; otherwise, it is certain that none of us can survive. You must give back those arms somehow. Did we not tell you at the time of keeping them in your custody that we would surely take them back someday?” What the gods said was after all right and reasonable. They were entitled to get back those weapons, which they had entrusted, to his care.

The sage had not put any time limit for their taking back the weapons. He had not laid down any condition that if they failed to come back within a certain time he was free to dispose of them in any manner he liked. But dissolving them in water, he had drunk them up. What should he do now? In what way can he give those weapons back?

The sage found himself in a very grave predicament. He was truthful. The gods had kept their arms with him in great trust. Now they are in a plight. How can he just say that their weapons are lost and send them away?

At last, Dadhichi said, “0 gods, all your arms have now been absorbed in my backbone. I am unable to separate them from my bone and give them to you. But I will not let you down. With my yogic power, I shall give up this body. You may take my backbone and out of it, make whatever weapons you need. I assure you that they will be as good as your original weapons and will be powerful enough to destroy your enemies.” So saying, the sage was preparing to enter into deep samadhi to give up his body. “What a just man he is, how strong his will power is!” exclaimed the gods in amazement. Instantly they stopped him and said, “Good sir, please wait. The war is not so imminent. When it breaks out and if we have no other alternative but to approach you for weapons we will do as you say.

Till then we will not allow you to destroy your body, which in fact is now constantly engaged in helping the whole world. Please carry on without any impediment your routine duties of teaching, giving discourses and performing holy sacrifices and penance.”

They all made obeisance prostrating at his feet and departed. Dadhichi’s life continued as usual peacefully and cheerfully.

Who is our Savior?

A son was born to Twashtru, a carpenter of gods. The child was named Vishwaroopa. As he grew up he studied all the Vedas thoroughly and became well versed in all the religious rites. The gods made him their preceptor. Very soon he became their favorite guru and was so influential as one capable of giving proper suggestions or advice to Indra at certain times.

Vishwaroopa’s mother belonged to the Rakshasa clan. Vishwaroopa used to conduct the rites of many religious sacrifices through which the offerings were sent to gods. Still, he had a soft corner for his mothers’ kinsfolk. He felt a desire to send those offerings through sacrifices to demons also. Openly he would invoke the gods by their names one by one and let the offerings made to them. But secretly he would utter the names of demons also invoking them to receive the offerings and get satisfied. But this did not remain a secret for too long. The gods got a suspicion and on an investigation, the truth came out.

They reported about the priest’s disloyalty to their lord Indra. Devendra got terribly annoyed and without a second thought he chopped off the head of Vishwaroopacharya.

The death of his son at the hands of Indra put the carpenter Twashtru into deep grief. He began to entertain thoughts of taking revenge on Indra. He prayed to God to grant him a son who would turn out to be a declared enemy of Indra. His prayer was granted. A son was born to him. The father named the baby as Vritra. He grew to become very strong, terrible-looking and most cruel. Both his father and mother told him again and again in his childhood about his elder brother’s tragic death was at the hands of Indra.

Thus his heart was filled with hatred. He would burn with anger at the very mention of gods.

By the time he became a youth leaving behind his boyhood, he had been thoroughly trained in the use of all types of weapons. No god who happened to encounter him was able to escape unhurt. He was a source of great joy end inspiration to the entire community of demons. Their hope of defeating the gods grew stronger. They thought that under the leadership of Vritra when he became strong and old enough to fight, they could route out the army of gods once and for all. So they were waiting for an opportune time.

At last, the war between gods and demons broke out. Vritra was the chief commander of demons. This made them fight boldly. The gods could not bear their blows. Indra and others were in despair.

They approached Brahma and appealed to him for help. Brahma took them to Mahavishnu.

All of them stood speechless before that Great God with their heads bowed down, and tears of sorrow rolling down their cheeks. Mahavishnu, the all-merciful and compassionate, comforted them and asked them the reason for their coming.

Then Indra put forth his appeal:

Indra requesting Vishnu

“0, God of Gods! Don’t know who is the primal cause of creation, protection and destruction of this entire universe know our plight? Is there anything that we should tell you? From time to time as you know the relations between demons and ourselves get severed, the bitterness grows worse and we come to grips with each other. Under all such circumstances in the past, you incarnated and redressed our grievances by trouncing those demons. All that we suffered then has now been forgotten.

This Vritra, the son of Twashtru, is so cruel as to put all the demons of the past to shame. Now under his leadership, many demons uniting together are attacking us. In one or two tough battles being beaten up and in despair we have come running to you to seek refuge. Only you have to find out some way of warding off our calamity.” Mahavishnu, bearing the responsibility of protecting the world, consoled Indra saying, “0, ye gods, don’t be afraid. Go back to the battlefield and fight again. It is not so easy to kill Vritrasura.

Yet there is a way. You know, in the mortal world, there is a sage by name Dadhichi who has his hermitage built on the banks of river Saraswati and who leads a pious life of penance and spirituality. Go to him. With due honor and respect, offer your courtesies to him and apprise him of your distress and implore him for help.

His backbone contains weapons potent enough to destroy Vritra. The mantras he has mastered by chanting have also enhanced the power of those weapons. If Dadhichi offers his bone to you, give it to Vishwakarma and get the necessary weapons made out of it. Only with those arms can you kill Vritra and win the battle. But Dadhichi will have to sacrifice his body itself in your interest and donate his backbone. How to win his consent is left to you. Now you may go. You have my blessings.”

The gods felt greatly consoled by these words of Mahavishnu. They came to the bank of river Saraswati and reached the hermitage of Dadhichi. Indra with his followers entered the cottage of Dadhichi with all humility and reverence and make obeisance to the sage.

Save us by giving Your Life The great sage received them with the warmth of affection. He made kind inquiries about them.

There was no brightness on their faces. Seeing them so pale, the sage imparted courage to them, saying that they could ask anything of him. Thus encouraged, Indra himself opened the talk with the sage.

Dachichi and Indra Conversation

Indra: “0 great sage, we request you for a great favor. Our lives are in great danger.” Dadhichi: “Devendra, please tell me, what is your woe? Has one more war with the demons started?”

Indra: “yes, but it is not like any of the previous wars. In the past, by the Grace of Mahavishnu, we had routed out many demons such as Shambara who were experts in the use of supernatural powers, and Vrishaparva and such other valiant demons.”

Dadhichi: “Why fear then? Why this despair?

Even now you have the Grace of Mahavishnu, don’t you?”

Indra: “Yes, we certainly have His Grace. But now the leader of demons is Vritrasura. Twashtru made a special penance with the sole purpose of getting a son capable of killing me and got him.

He is very valiant and a terror to his enemies. He knows no defeat. No one can match him in cruelty. He has taken a pledge to exterminate gods.

It is impossible to bear the tortures he has been inflicting on us.”

Dadhichi: “0, my God! In spite of being born of a divine boon, has he become so drunk with pride? If you, the chief of all gods, were to feel so helpless, what about others? By the way, why did you come to me? What is it that I can do for you in this situation? Can I, a Brahmin, join you to fight in the battle-field?” Indra: “Great sage, we feel it delicate to put forth our request. But our woe needs to be alleviated. For that, we have come to entreat you to make a big sacrifice. It is in your hands to save us. We seek your protection.” Dadhichi: “Devendra, I am after all a man.

How can I help you, gods? Please don’t feel delicate to tell me what I can do to help you.”

Indra: “Revered sage! We have come to beg of you a rare and unprecedented charity. We, in fact, had made an appeal to Mahavishnu, bemoaning our plight. That merciful and compassionate God of gods suggested a way of protecting our interests. For that, we require your help.” Dadhichi: “Very well, then. If it is within my capacity, I am prepared to do anything to help you. Pray, tell me, what do you want me to do?” Indra: “What we beg of you is your backbone.

We have to get weapons made out of it by Vishwakarma. We are told that with these weapons we can easily kill Vritra. Otherwise, it is impossible to destroy him!”

Worthy Donation

On hearing these words of Indra Dadhichi felt surprised. In order to save the gods, he should give his life itself! The great sage told Indra and other gods: “One must die someday.

Could there be a better way of dying than by giving one’s life for others? When Mahavishnu Himself has sent you to me, I do not have to think over this. Look here, in another few minutes I shall leave this body. Then you may take my backbone. May you gain victory!”

Thus saying, Dadhichi prepared to give up his body. All the gods were gazing at that great soul in speechless wonder. The sage was seated in a clean place. He closed his eyes after regulating his breathing in yogic style and withdrawing himself from the sensual world, started meditating on God. Step by step his internal and external faculties stopped functioning. The eyes had remained closed. The ears could hear no sounds. The body remained still and static. Even the movements of ants, flies, and mosquitoes on it caused no sensation. Shortly afterward Dadhichi with his yogic power made his body rigid and let go of the life spirits out!

The other sages, their wives and disciples, the gods who were witnessing this wonderful sight were stunned. They were struck dumb.

They shed tears of joy. Dadhichi thus gave up his life with joy and attained immortality and everlasting fame.

Why Rishi Dadhichi’s bones were important for the Devatas can be understood by watching the below Hindi video:


War Preparations

Indra was successful in his mission. He collected the backbone of the sage and placed it before Vishwakarma. He requested him to cut and grind those bones charging them with magical potency and make them into such sharp weapons and deadly missiles as would destroy the enemies. Vishwakarma knew that such was the will of Mahavishnu and without losing any time commenced his work. The gods got all the weapons, which were fatal to the enemies.

Mahendra especially got Vajra (thunderbolt) the most powerful weapon with a hundred bulging knots. This Vajraayudha possessed also in it the effulgence of Vishnu as well as the accumulated power of the sage’s penance. Can anyone win even after encountering it?

Devendra was filled with the supreme confidence of winning the battle now. Holding Vajraayudha in his hand and seated on his favorite elephant Airaavata, Indra proceeded in a procession followed by the entire retinue of attendants and courtiers.

Now preparations of war being over, Indra hastened towards the citadel of Vritra. He had firmly resolved to devastate the whole army of demons, in such a way that they should never rise again and talk of war with the gods. It was the time when Kritayuga, the first of the series, was coming to a close. The Tretayuga was about to dawn. Indra was pushing forward in the direction of demons like Maharudra in his wrath.

This news reached the demons. They were astonished to see Indra who had run away from the battlefield, being so badly beaten up and humiliated, coming again seeking war. They talked among themselves that he might be coming again because of some newly acquired power infusing fresh courage in him. They guessed that this must be some new trick of Mahavishnu, their greatest and eternal enemy, who might have inspired and sent them on to the battle. They had never relied on Divine support.

They had trusted only their physical strength and prowess. They were harassing gods with that confidence only. Now they too got ready to give battle.

Mahendra, looking radiant, was magnificently seated on his elephant and was brandishing his dazzling Vajraayudha as he moved into the battlefield along with many brave heroes. The demons looked at him. They could not control their anger. They drew out their severe-most weapons and forgetful of them marched forward to fight the gods. Vritra who had taken a pledge to cause suffering to Indra led the demons’ army.

There were among demons, many great heroes tried and experienced in thousands of battles of the past, which had enjoyed the reputation of having brought disaster on their enemies.

The demons were wearing garlands made of varieties of flowers. Their armor was made of gold. So terrible and frightening were their war cries at every step that by merely hearing them the enemies would faint.

Here, below, the video shows the worst demons of all time in Hindu Scriptures.

The War Starts

A terrible war began. The demons made a speedy attack on the gods and wounded many by hurling on them javelins, spears, and tridents, by shooting arrows at them and by hitting them with heavy swords, cudgels, axes, and maces, etc… Arrows after arrows followed and the whole space was full of them. It was not possible to distinguish friend from foe among the fighters.

The gods, confident of their victory, were showing their utmost skill in fighting. They chopped off many among the army of demons.

The infuriated demons hurled on gods’ huge rocks dislodged from the hilltops and uprooted massive trees. But the gods without losing heart went on fighting. The repeated attacks with rocks, giant trees and varieties of weapons only brought exhaustion and not a victory to the demons. The Gods had the Grace of Vishnu.

All the efforts of demons were rendered futile.

After many demons were killed, the rest of them began to flee from the battlefield.

Vritra the Brave

Then his army was disrupted and the soldiers began to run away, Vritra tried to instill courage into their hearts. He shouted, “0, brave soldiers!

Stop, just listen to me. One who is born has to die. Then why don’t you face death cheerfully and win everlasting fame in this world?” But none of those demons heeded his words.

They were still running away. Vritra was not prepared to stand aside quietly and witness his army being destroyed. He became terribly annoyed and with his terrific yell turned upon gods, shouting at them, “Come on, come on! Face me how you will! Let me see if you can bear the heat of my war.” He fell on them with fury. His very yell drove terror into their hearts and many gods fainted.

Indra burned with anger seeing the overpowering Vritra and the fright of his own soldiers.

Aiming at that enemy who came directly charging on him, he hurled with great force his massive mace on him. Anyone else would have been crushed under it. But Vritra caught it with his left hand laughing all the while and held it high.

By then his anger too had grown tenfold. Flourishing his own terrific mace, he hit the elephant Airaavata with it and growled. Airaavata being unable to sustain that blow tottered under its impact; with blood flowing down, it groaned in pain and turned back to run away along with its rider Indra. Vritra did not aim at Indra. To hit him again with his mace for he saw Indra in dismay as his elephant was wound. Though he was a demon, he was scrupulously fair-minded in war. Mahendra stood still after alleviating the pain of his elephant by stroking its back with his comforting and refreshing hand.

Vritra taunted him, “What sort of an enemy are you to me? You have no scruples. You slew my brother and earned the sins of killing a guru and a Brahmin. By taking revenge on you, I am relieved of my debt of duty. Now, don’t you see me standing before you? Why don’t you try your grandiose Vajraayudha on me? I hope, being strengthened with Vishnu’s radiance and Dadhichi’s spiritual power, it will not fail miserably just like your own mace?” Thus he mocked at Indra.

Even while uttering these words Vritra assaulted Devendra with his trident held forward. Indra saw the demon charging on him with his deadly weapon like the fire of ultimate destruction and in sheer self-defense swashed his Vajraayudha at Vritra’s broad right shoulder and cut it off. Losing his right arm, the infuriated Vritra rushed forward and with his left hand gave a severe slap on the cheek of Indra who was still holding Vajraayudha. This blow sent Indra reeling. He stood dazed for a while’s the weapon Vaira slipped down from his hand and fell on the ground. Not only demons but also even gods who watched this superb fighting of Vritra exclaimed in admiration. At the same time, the miserable plight of Indra terrorized them to say “Oh! Heavens! What will be our fate?”

Indra who had lost his grip of Vajra at the demon’s terrific blow could not stand before his enemy with his face up for shame. It was Vritra again who spoke with complete composure,

“Devendra! Why are you standing inertly?

Your Vajraayudha is lying there. Why don’t you pick it up and smash your enemy with it? This is not the time for regret. Just look at me, how in spite of being handicapped with the loss of my right arm, I am still striving hard to take your life!

It is impossible to foretell with certainty who will win and who will lose in a battle. Is it not?” Indra expressed his admiration at Vritra’s adherence to the rules of a righteous war. “Even though you are a Daitya, how very fair-minded are you! Said Indra and soon engaged himself in a terrible fight with Vritra. Vritra now lost his left arm also. Blood was gushing out from the base of both the arms. Still, the demon king stood his ground majestically and heroically like a tusker.

After a moment’s thought Vritra bowed down to the ground. His lower lip touched the earth and the upper lip was raised to the sky. Thus, opening his mouth wide as a cave, he clutched a huge boulder between his teeth. Then, rushing towards Indra with great speed, he flung that bolder on him. There was no one who did not applaud this heroic feat of Vritra.

Dashing even farther towards Indra, Vritra, like a python, swallowed him up and dispatched him into his stomach. Sages, gods and many other spectators were horrified and raised a cry of alarm,” Oh, woe be to it. Everything is finished now!”

Dadhichi’s Donation Was Worth While

Vritrasura Killed

Devendra, inside the demon’s stomach, using all his force, ripped open the belly with his Vajraayudha and came out. He then chopped off the head of Vritra. The war came to an end. The other demons fled from the battlefield. The gods in joy shouted “Hurrah!”

Sages and gods both praised Dadhichi heartily for saving the gods from a great crisis at the cost of his life.

Instead of begging others for anything, it is more becoming of man to give and help others.

Dadhichi sacrificed his life as well as his body.

All those who have listened to the story of his life will ever treasure in it their memory and cherish him as an image of sacrifice installed in their hearts.

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