Indian electric car that travels 504 km with a single charge

The whole world knows that for anything philosophical they need to come to India, but wait a moment, there is certainly an update in our thoughts that has enabled us to do better w.r.t. the other fields too. Here we have a surprise that makes us feel proud of what is happening in the automobile industry.

With electric vehicle technology being the talk in the global automobile industry, most of the technologies have been restricted to foreign countries with a few initiatives starting here and there.

In view of all this, an electric mobility startup has been working silently and coming up with a vehicle that runs on electricity. Yes, this company has set up its manufacturing unit in Bengaluru, having a clear vision, to launch an internationally renowned vehicle. 

Watch in this video, the specs of the car and their business model that are extremely stunning and unique. Of course, we have heard this for the first time and they announced this a couple of days back.

This car will be powered by a 96 kWh battery pack, that offers a max power of 150 kW i.e. 200 hp. This battery has a life-span of up to 10 lakh km. Now with this revolutionary battery, the commuters can commute a whopping 504 km distance, with a top speed of 196 km/h. Is it not a rival for Tesla?

Before moving on to the specs, you should be curious to find out the looks of the car. Well, this is how it looks. It is a sedan with a low coupe-style design, having a special focus on aerodynamics.

Special Premium Features

These are the features that the car has to offer:

  1. Swooping Roof
  2. LED projector headlamps and rear lamps
  3. Minimalistic side profile
  4. Distinctive shoulder lone
  5. Blacked out alloy wheels
  6. Lounge like arrangement in the interiors
  7. Seats reclined around 165 degrees
  8. Swappable battery pack
  9. HEPA air filters
  10. 8 airbags
  11. Regenerative braking and smartphone connectivity

Apart from all these premium features, customers will be able to customize their designs according to their needs. These customizations will be from a set of architects and fashion and interior design professionals to get a bespoke interior setup. 

Additional Special Features

There are some other new additional features that stand out.

5 Star Safety: The startup claims that the production model will be a 5-star safety product.

Crystal Clear Music: This car hosts the global automotive debut of the French Audio brand Devialet, with the help of which, there is less power consumption with absolute clarity and bass.

Privacy: This premium vehicle comes with a rollable tinted window that divides the front and rear seats. Along with this, there are features like 12-inch mirrors and vanity lighting.

Oxygen Doses: There lies an indoor air filtration system that clears out PM 2.5 at a rate of 99%, alongside a CO2 filtration system.

Work on the go: It also comes with a desk that supports holding a 15-inch laptop, providing the laptop power ports, and two USB thunderbolt ports. This makes it easy for the commuters to carry on with their work on the go.

Build Quality

It just takes over 5 seconds to achieve the top speed of 100 km/h from 0. This car can be charged up to 80 percent in just 30 mins. The top speed of this vehicle is 196 km/h. 90% of the components in the car are made in India, and for the 10% of the components, unfortunately, no suppliers manufacture here.

The company behind the Car

Before talking about the unique ways this car manufacturer offers its customers to drive them, let us find out the company that offers this wonderful car. It is Pravaig Dynamic Pvt. Ltd. With a couple of directors Dhawal Vinayak Khullar and Siddhartha Bagri, this company’s registered address is Vasant Vihar, New Delhi. 

Wait a minute, you are yet to know the name of the car. It is Pravaig Extinction MKI. Don’t think that this is a concept car, it is already being driven on the roads of Bengaluru and is soon to be launched officially in late 2021.

It is being planned to be sold in Delhi and Bengaluru initially later extending their sales to Mumbai, Chennai, and Hyderabad. 

Business Model

Now coming to owning the car, as of now, you cannot own the car as the company is not planning to sell the car. It is only available subscription-based, along with a driver and fleet operators if required. The reason behind this could be to allow the cars to run as far as possible and experience the lower running costs. In addition to this, the company is also planning of installing chargers in companies that lease this car. This way it will be a win-win situation for the company that manufactures, the company that leases, and the end-user of the car. Hence the price of the car is not yet revealed. 

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