A game that is about to change in the Indian mobile industry

why India is behind in technology?

A lot of disadvantages hold us responsible for the fewer number of Indian mobile brands. like:

  • Democracy, where labor acts cannot be compromised
  • Expensive Labours, where rural places are not made use of
  • Brand owners expecting a larger margin
  • Cheap labor and good export policies from other countries

Challenge from Indian Mobile Industry

Despite the above challenges, Indian companies have in turn challenged the other countries with their come back. After Micromax, it’s now Lava that has tweeted a couple of days back like so.

The Game is about to change!

Here is the complete tweet:

The tables are turning and we’re all ready to change the game! Stay tuned, because you have seen nothing yet! #AbDuniyaDekhegi

Without any revelations, the company has built curiosity in the mind of the youth of the nation. Let us know in this video more about the plans as revealed by the others.

Types of Brands in India

Before the revelation, we wanted to let you know that we have created a video on Indian mobile brands made in India by Indians. You can watch the video here. There, we have made a few things clear, that there are five types of brands that are selling goods in India. They are:

  1. Brands not manufactured in India, not owned by Indians, not marketed by Indians, not assembled in India, but only sold in India
  2. Not manufactured in India, not owned by Indians, marketed and assembled in India
  3. Not manufactured in India, owned by Indians
  4. Manufactured and owned by Indians
  5. Not owned by Indian, but Manufactured/assembled in India

Here, the fourth category is the ideal situation for a country, and only a very few companies are working towards it in India. To reach it is not very easy given the situation as told before, but we are slowly getting there. Let us at least look at companies in category 3, try to support, and change them.

Lava Mobile Revelation!

Hopefully, it is that time where Lava has entered the 4th category of companies and started manufacturing most of its parts in this land. In addition, the company has said that it will launch four new phones around Jan. 7th and that they will be priced between 5k and 20k.

They will have these mobiles sold both in Offline and Online Channels in the country. Further, they have plans to launch a smart band too while not revealing the date of launch. This is clearly to compete with the other budget brands that have made their way to India from neighboring countries. This comes after their recently launched Be U woman-centric phone in India.

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