Top 2 SHAREit replacement apps made in India by Indians

ShareIt, the popular app to transfer files from one phone to another, has been on most of our mobile phones until we realized there is a need for replacement. This may be for various reasons. As a replacement, we have selected these two apps that are very good, both in terms of user interface and fast transfers.

Wait to check out the second app that is a startup having won several awards for their 150 odd apps. Let us start with the first one…


Just like how Reliance Retail Pvt. Ltd. replicated Zoom in no time, this giant company has also come up with this simple to use app that has a great no. of downloads and has proved itself as an alternative to ShareIt, which is obviously made in India.

The main five key features of this app are:

  • Platform independent transfer of data between Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Select individual files and share them across.
  • There is no limit for sharing Photos Videos and music without any size limit.
  • It comes up with the Fastest file transfers that happen over 100 times faster than Bluetooth.
  • The transfer works without the internet and saves data packages while you transfer files.

This functions in three simple steps. Send or Receive. Select the media files. select the receiver phone that is listed on the third screen. There are options to send files to a PC too. This is an additional option that is listed on the menu.

The second app is:

Swift File Transfer

This app is the best alternative for Share it. Checkout the below points that make it number 1.

  • It is a made in India app developed by Kumi Labs.
  • It is completely ad-free
  • The company behind developing the app KUMI Labs has grabbed several awards and media recognition.
  • From being one of the fastest-growing startups in India to have won several competitions like Nokia Asha, Tech Hub, NASSCOM Conclave, Mobile World Congress to name a few
  • They have more than 50 million downloads across platforms of their 150 odd utilities that they have developed

Let us now check out their interface, which is as we mentioned, completely ad-free and extremely simple. Once you open, this is the screen that the app displays. There are only two buttons Send and Receive. Similar to JIOSwitch, Click on the button send, select the type of media file you want to share. The app asks for location permission. Click on allow and enable GPS. You can now send the file once the receiver has the same app-enabled. One easier thing is you can select the two buttons from the bottom and learn how to share using android or non-android OS.

Same while receiving. Tap on the receive button, scan the QR code of the sender, and there you go.

Once you receive the files, go to the menu, tap on the received file to view them.

Going to the setting from the menu, you can enable or disable the notifications sound and vibration.

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